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April 28 - 30, 2023

The Resort & Camping

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RV Sites

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RV Sites

Bring your home and choose between power or dry lots. Festival admission not included.

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  • 20’ x 50’ RV site.
  • Eight (8) Resort Wristbands will be issued per RV site.
  • Power sites service both 50amp and 30amp RVs.
  • You’re required to review all Resort & RV Info & Rules below before purchase.
  • Limit one (1) RV or Car Camping site per order/customer account.
  • Waitlist will not be available until after camping spots are sold out.
  • New for 2023, all original RV site purchasers will have access to a presale for 2024.

Lot 8 Power

$1,620 + TOT + Fees

Lot 7 Power

$1,120 + TOT + Fees

Lot 5a Power

$1,120 + TOT + Fees

Lot 10 Dry

$620 + TOT + Fees

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Stagecoach Resort Lot Map

Lake Eldorado

Lake Eldorado photo

Lake Eldorado

Camp in style by reserving a 4 person tent or 2 person lodge at our exclusive lakeside oasis. Festival admission not included.

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  • Ready-to-go with cots, sleeping bags and pillows.
  • Sleeping bags and pillows are yours to keep. Any left after departure will be donated.
  • Secluded area only accessible to Lake Eldorado campers.
  • Exclusive flushing toilets & showers.
  • Charging stations.
  • 24-hr. concierge & private check-in
  • Includes one (1) complimentary Lake Eldorado parking spot.
  • Festival admission not included. Must purchase admission passes separately.

2 Person Lodge

Lodges for two (2) guests are 8’ x 12’ x 8’, plus a lockable door, wood floor, 3 windows for added ventilation, indoor/outdoor lighting, storage cubbies and come with two (2) resort wristbands.

$679 + TOT + Fees

4 Person Tent

Safari-style tents for four (4) guests are 12’x14′, fully pitched, plus chairs, a cooler and four (4) resort wristbands.

$899 + TOT + Fees

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Car Camping

Car camping at Stagecoach photo

Car Camping

Camp next to your car.

  • 10’ x 30’ camping site for you and your vehicle.
  • Festival admission not included.
  • Four (4) Resort Wristbands will be issued per site.
  • Review all Resort and Car Camping Rules below before purchase.

$244 + TOT + Fees

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Companion Camping Parking

Couple riding bikes at Stagecoach

Companion Camping Parking

One (1) overnight parking space for a second vehicle of additional campers.

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  • Limit four (4) per order.
  • Lot is separate from Resort area.
  • Hail a pedal cab to help move supplies to your campsite. Tip your driver!
  • Only overnight parking allowed at Stagecoach.
  • No camping or tailgating in this lot.
  • Good entire weekend (Thu 9:00am - Mon 10:00am).
  • Must be wearing a RESORT wristband and FESTIVAL PASS to access this lot.
  • Vehicle lockdown in effect from Fri-Sun 9pm-2am. Cars will not be allowed to enter or exit Camping Companion Parking during this time.
  • No vehicle re-entry will be permitted Fri-Sun 2pm-2am. If you choose to leave companion parking, you can’t re-enter after 2pm until after lockdown hours have ended.
  • Times are subject to change without warning based on pedestrian safety and traffic flow.
  • No oversized vehicles over 25 ft. in length.

$55 + Fees

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Resort Info & Hours

General Info
  • Prices include camping only for the entire weekend (Thu 9am-Mon 10am).
  • Resort and ADA guests may go in/out between The Resort and Venue.
  • Free showers, toilets and handwashing stations.
  • Free water refill stations.
  • Food & Drink vendors and General Store.
  • Amenities, activities and food & drink details to be added closer to festival dates.
  • Additional rules & details to be added.
  • Guests in The Resort may move freely between all RV and Car Camping areas on foot or bicycle.
Resort Hours

Thurs 9AM - Mon 10AM

Check-in Hours*

RV Sites, Car Camping, Lake Eldorado & Camping Companion Parking

Thurs 9AM - Fri 2AM
Fri 9AM - Fri 8PM
Sat 9AM - Sat 8PM
Sun 9AM - Sun 3PM

*Pedestrian check-in is open 24/7 during Resort hours (Thu 9am-Mon 10am).

  • There will be no early access. Please respect this residential neighborhood and DO NOT arrive before check-in opens.
  • All times are subject to change.

General Resort Rules

  • Resort wristband and festival wristband required for entry into The Resort.
  • Festival Wristbands sold separately.
  • No refunds or exchanges.
  • Limit of eight (8) Stagecoach attendees per RV site. (Kids 10 and under are not counted towards the limit.) Exceeding the limit will result in order cancellation at any time, without notice.
  • RV, Lake Eldorado and Car Camping sites are non-transferable.
  • Selling or attempting to re-sell your Resort site or Resort Wristbands may result in cancellation of the order at any time without notice. This is a zero-tolerance policy.
  • Lake Eldorado, Car Camping, Power and Dry RV sites are separated and filled on a first come first serve basis.
  • No saving spaces! Arrive together to camp together.
  • Noise curfew begins at 1:30am. Please be respectful of other campers.
  • No camping vehicle ins/outs. Once you exit, your site is forfeited.
  • Person whose name is on the original order must be present when checking in, no exceptions.
  • All Resort attendees must be 18 years of age or older with proper ID or accompanied by a parent.
  • All campers and vehicles will be searched upon entry.
  • Resort vehicle lockdown, no entry or exit Fri - Sun 9:00pm-2:00am.
  • Review full list of Resort Rules and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Rules subject to change. Make sure and review 2023 Rules before arrival.

What is Allowed in the Resort

  • Bicycles
  • Camping Chairs
  • Cigarettes
  • Digital Cameras (Non-Pro)
  • Disposable Cameras
  • Film Cameras (Non-Pro)
  • Food & Beverages (See Drug & Alcohol Policy)
  • Fun
  • Games/Giant Jenga's/Corn Hole/Ladder Golf
  • Glow Sticks/Glow Bracelets
  • Lighters
  • Rubber Mallets
  • Smiles
  • Sunblock (Non-Aerosol)

What is NOT Allowed in the Resort

  • Animals (See ADA page for more information.)
  • Arguing
  • Audio Recording Devices
  • Axes
  • BBQs, Charcoal, Wood or Outdoor Cooking Devices
  • Boomerangs
  • Branded/Logo'd EZ-Ups
  • Vehicle Batteries (Additional/Spare) All batteries must be factory installed or mounted to the trailer or RV.
  • Chains/Chain Wallets
  • No divisive symbols, including, without limitation, Confederate flags and racially disparaging or other inappropriate imagery/public displays.
  • Drones/Remote Control Aircraft, Toys & Cars/Boats
  • Drugs/Drug Paraphernalia (Including Cannabis & Cannabis Products)
  • Dumbbells/Kettlebells/Weight Plates
  • Fireworks/Explosives/Open Flames/Tiki Torches
  • Flashlights Over 5.5"
  • Furniture (Sofas, Couches, Recliners, Lazy Boys, Actual Home Furniture, Mattresses)
  • Full Gas Cans/Gas Cylinders/Container Generators
  • Portable Generators. See "Are generators allowed into The Resort?" in Resort FAQs.
  • Glass, Glass Solar Panels, Glass Mirrors, Glass Anything.
  • Golf Carts, Dune Buggies, Off-Road Motorcycles, Motorized Scooters, Horses, Limes, Birds, Hoverboards & Segways.
  • Golf Clubs or Equipment
  • Hay Bales and Large Props
  • Metal Stakes
  • Outdoor Cooking Appliances. See "May I have a campfire or use a stove or BBQ to cook?" in Resort FAQs.
  • Powered Speakers / DJ Sound Systems / Non-Factory-Installed Sound Systems
  • Promotional Items
  • Scissors
  • Slip n' Slides
  • Spray Paint
  • Sporting Equipment (Bats, Clubs, Sticks, Metal, Wood)
  • Tools (Screwdrivers, Hammers, Shovels, Gardening Tools, Metal Mallets, Wood Chippers)
  • Video Cameras
  • Weapons of Any Kind (Guns, Ammo, Machetes, Pocket Knives, Pepper Spray, Tasers, etc. This includes off-duty Law Enforcement or individuals with concealed carry weapon permits)
  • Wrapped or Sponsored Vehicles (Rental company logos are excluded)
  • REMEMBER: Leave No Trace! (Home Furniture, Mattresses)

Drugs & Alcohol

  • Each person over the age of 21 with a valid Resort Wristband and Festival Wristband may enter The Resort with two (2) total of the following items (not two (2) of each item):
    • Case of beer (cans only)
    • Liquor in plastic, sealed, original bottle.
    • Boxed wine
  • NO Kegs
  • NO Glass (including beer/wine/liquor bottles).
  • Alcohol in glass containers is not allowed and may not be transferred into other non-glass containers.
  • If anyone in the vehicle is under the age of 21, organizers reserve the right to deny entry unless alcohol is surrendered.
  • A FREE shuttle will be provided to a local grocery store for you to purchase additional alcohol.
  • Limits apply for Resort re-entry.
  • No drugs or drug paraphernalia allowed.

RV Specific Rules

  • Sites require an RV/Trailer/Motorhome.
  • No tents allowed in RV sites.
  • Limit of eight (8) Stagecoach attendees per RV site. (Kids 10 and under are not counted towards the limit).
  • Tow vehicles are not allowed to park in your RV site. You must unhook and park in designated Tow Vehicle Parking lot (No additional fee/No ins & outs permitted).
  • Resort RV decal MUST be visibly placed on sleeping vehicle. Tow vehicle will be issued a separate Tow Vehicle Parking decal upon check-in.
  • Limit one (1) livable, self-contained space (RV, Trailer, or Motorhome) per RV site.
    Must have:
    • An installed functional toilet
    • A tank system for holding water
    • A place to sleep
  • The person whose name is associated with the original order must be present at check-in, wearing a festival and resort wristband.
  • Each Power RV site must have 50-75 feet of electrical cord to reach the power source. Check the length that comes with your RV and extend the cord accordingly.
  • You can purchase RV power extension cords at the General Store in The Resort or at Camping World, Premium RV in La Habra, AdventureRV.net, Giant RV, or any other RV supply store.
  • If an RV user overloads the 30-amp or 50-amp power source and “pops” the breaker, festival staff will reset the breaker one time and give the RV owner with a warning.
  • If the breaker pops a second time, the RV triggering the issue will be disconnected from the power grid for the remainder of the festival without a refund.
  • If you are unsure about your RV’s power, check the plug:
  • If your RV is towing a motorized or non-motorized vehicle or trailer, you must unhook and park the towed item in Camping Companion Parking. The Camping Companion Parking pass must be purchased in advance.
  • Review wagon train parking rules for multiple RV planning to set-up together.
  • No saving spaces. Arrive together to camp together (if in the same lot) No exceptions.
  • WARNING: RVs with a factory installed generator may be asked to shut it down due to exhaust fumes affecting your neighbor. To avoid this, consider purchasing an RV generator exhaust diverter.
  • There will be roaming potable water trucks and pumping trucks (additional charges apply).
  • New for 2023, original RV spot purchasers will have access to an RV presale for 2024 before the general public, subject to availability, no guaranteed renewals.
  • Stagecoach is not responsible for failed/blocked/misdelivered/bounced email delivery.
RV 30 Amp Plug
RV 50 Amp Plug

Lake Eldorado Specific Rules

  • No smoking inside lodges or tents.
  • Damage to lodges or tents will be billed directly to your credit card.
  • No additional tents or canopies are allowed.
  • Accommodations are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Resort Wristbands will be issued per site. (2 for lodges/4 for tents)
  • Arrive early to ensure your preferred location.
  • RV and Car Camping areas are open to visitation by all Resort campers, however access to Lake Eldorado is restricted to Lake Eldorado campers.
  • No swimming in Lake Eldorado.
  • Details will be emailed to Lake Eldorado purchasers closer to festival dates.

Car Camping Specific Rules

  • Set up your tent(s) next to your car.
  • Limit of four (4) Stagecoach attendees per Car Camping site. (Kids 10 and under are not counted towards the limit.)
  • Four (4) Resort Wristbands will be issued per site.
  • Car Camping Sites require a car in the site.
  • Limit one (1) car per site.
  • Once parked, your car stays put for the entire weekend. Site forfeited upon exit.
  • No saving spaces. Arrive together to camp together. No exceptions.
  • You must have a standard passenger car, truck or van. No motorcycles, RVs, tent trailers, trailers, motorhomes, buses or U-Haul trucks will be allowed in Car Camping. No Toilet. Still can’t figure out what kind of vehicle you’re allowed to bring? See some additional examples.
Corral Reserved Seating Map

Resort FAQs

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Can I bring alcohol into The Resort?
Please review our Resort Alcohol Rules & Limits.
May I have a campfire or use a stove or BBQ to cook?

The use of any outdoor cooking appliances is not permitted anywhere on the festival site. RVs/Vehicles may use their factory installed interior cooking appliance. Campfires, fire pits, fire cages or any other open flame device are not permitted anywhere on the festival site. In other words, no.

The General store has some toasters, toaster ovens and microwaves available for use!

What if I want to have my RV delivered?

If you plan on having your RV delivered to the site, the person whose name is on The Resort site order must be present at check-in. RV’s that show up without the original Resort site purchaser/renter will be turned away. We recommend that you meet the delivery person at a remote location (such as a Walmart) and travel to the site together. Please note that only your RV will be allowed into the tollbooth area for check-in. No additional vehicles can accompany the RV through the check-in process. Please also note that your RV will not be allowed into the check-in lot if you do not have your RV parking sticker posted according to sticker installation instructions and your required “Renter, Borrower or Owner” paperwork*. If you are working with delivery people to bring your RV onto the festival grounds, we feel that the following options are your best bet:

  • Meet at a remote location and pick up your RV. Bring it to the site and park it yourself.
  • If you need help parking/placing your RV and you are bringing your own vehicle: First, buy a Camping Companion Parking pass for your additional car/vehicle. Meet the delivery person at a remote location and ride together in the RV to the site, temporarily leaving your car at the alternate meeting location. Once the RV is placed, ride back to your meeting spot in the delivery person’s tow-vehicle, pick up your car, and come back to the site to park your car in the companion lot.
  • If you need help parking/placing your RV and you are bringing your own vehicle, plus you are renting/borrowing a motorized RV: First, make sure to purchase a Camping Companion Parking pass for your vehicle. Meet at a remote location and ride in the RV with the delivery person to the site and have a friend drive your vehicle to the companion lot. Once the RV is delivered, walk back to the companion lot to meet to meet your friend and give them a ride back to wherever they are parked. The delivery person can also walk back to the companion lot where they can be picked up by an associate.
  • If you need help parking/placing your RV and you are not bringing your own vehicle, take a taxi or car service to meet the delivery person at a remote location and ride together in the RV to the site. Have the delivery person walk to the companion lot where they can be picked up by an associate.
  • *A Resort spot will only be honored if the person who bought the Resort Pass is present at check-in wearing a Festival Wristband and Resort Wristband, and possesses the proper paperwork corresponding to the status of ownership of the RV:
    • OWNER – Proof of Registration, valid I.D, RV Resort Wristband and Festival Wristband.
    • RENTER – Rental Company Service Agreement. Renter on agreement must be present with Valid ID, RV Resort Wristband and Festival Wristband.
    • BORROWER- Permission letter from the registered owner. Copy of registered owner’s registration and valid ID. RV spot purchaser must be named on permission slip and be present at onsite check-in with valid ID, Resort Wristband and Festival Wristband.
Is there tent-only camping?
Only in Lake Eldorado.
Where do all the people I am fitting into my Resort spot park for the weekend?
You must buy them a Camping Companion Parking pass or they must ride in your RV or car to the festival. Those are your only options.
Will there be free bathrooms/showers? Handicap accessible? Private?
Yes, there will free bathrooms and showers available in separate male and female trailers (with individual privacy). Full private handicap facilities also available for patrons wearing ADA Wristbands.
Are there free showers? What hours can you use the showers?

Yes we have free showers for Resort Campers!


Lot 4B, 5B and 10B
Lot 8 (ADA only)


Thurs 12pm-7pm + (1) 24 hour shower.
Fri-Sun 7am- 7pm + (1) 24 hour shower.
The 24 HR showers will stay open till 9:00am Monday morning
Lot 8 ADA: Fri - Sun 7am to 7pm

*Hours subject to change

Will there be food booths or a general store in The Resort?

Yes, there will be a General Store selling various sundry items that may include: Advil, air mattresses, aloe gel, Anacin, band-aids, batteries (AA, AAA, C, D), Benadryl, bug spray, chapstick, cigarettes, Stagecoach festival merch (sweaters, tanks), condoms, disposable cameras, ear plugs, eye drops, ice bags, lighters, lotion, tent stakes, mini/small flashlights, mini deodorant, mini hand sanitizer, mini soap bars, Motrin IB, mouthwash, Neosporin, Pepto, Rolaids, sunscreen, tampons, rope, tissue packets, toothpaste/toothbrush combo pack, water, Tylenol, wet-one wipes, tents, tent stakes, etc.

The General store has some toasters, toaster ovens and microwaves available for use!

Yes, there will be a food court selling various food items that may include: kabobs, salads, breakfast items, pizza, coffee drinks and smoothies, breakfast pastries, selection of burgers (meat, turkey, ahi, vegetarian), hot dogs, fries, sausages, pies, cheesesteaks, ice cream, shakes, fresh lemonade and a Mexican menu.

Will there be a place to buy coffee or get hot water?
There will be a coffee vendor in the food area.
Will there be electrical outlets?
There will be charging stations.
Can I bring the family to camp?
All campers must be 18+ or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian*. Every camper must have a Festival Wristband and a Resort Wristband to be scanned upon entrance to the festival perimeter. Kids 10 & under are free with parent and do not require a wristband. A legal guardian is NOT a parent giving a note to an older friend or sibling. That is NOT an option. A guardianship is a legal relationship created when a person or institution is assigned by the court to take care of minor children.
Are generators allowed into The Resort?

The Indio Fire Department has banned the use of all portable generators for the safety of all Resort attendees (excluding Solar Powered).

Only generators that have been factory installed on your RV are permitted. No modification. No personal fabrications. No aftermarket installs. No generators in car camping.

Additionally, even with a factory installed generator you may be asked to shut it down due to the exhaust fumes affecting your neighbor. To avoid this, consider purchasing an RV generator exhaust diverter.

RV Generator Exhaust Diverter
Where is the nearest gas station and/or off-site food place?
There is a gas station about 3.6 miles away, Monroe St. & Hwy 111. There is a drug store even closer, at Monroe St. & Ave. 48. There are several food places up and down Hwy 111.
Are there water trucks available to fill up my RV water tank and/or pool?

It is strongly recommended to have your fresh water RV tank full and your black and grey tanks empty before arriving at Stagecoach. Potable water trucks will be roaming up and down the RV lanes with fresh water as well as pump trucks to assist with disposing of RV sewage. These pay services are NOT guaranteed and are available on a first come, first served basis. Flag one down if you can!

2022 pricing:
Water Trucks:(potable water) $80.00 min over 50gals then $1.00 per gallon after that Pump Trucks: $60 each
Can I bring a guitar or other musical instrument?
Acoustic instruments only will be allowed into camping. Please be courteous of your neighbors and abide by the noise curfew. If security asks you to quiet down, please do so.
Is that all I need to know?
Some of the information here may be updated as the festival approaches or as situations change. It is advisable to check for updates before you head out. Some things do change at the last minute and we are unable to update this space.
Can I bring my bicycle?
Yes! Check the Parking Map posted a few days before the festival for exact location of the bike racks. Park at your own risk. Do not lock your bike against any fencing or unauthorized objects. It will be removed and considered surrendered.
What are some examples of powered speakers NOT allowed?

Resort Activities & Amenities

The Party goes all weekend long in the Stagecoach Resort. Check back closer to festival dates for many added details on amenities, games, activities, food & beverages and more!

Festivalgoers on a bike at Stagecoach
  • Close Proximity To Venue
  • Re-Entry Privileges To Venue
  • Toilets & Hand Washing Stations
  • Free Showers
  • Free Water Refill Stations
  • 24 Hour Medical & Security
  • Food & Beverage Vendors TBD
  • WiFi in the Camp Lounge
  • Charging Stations
  • Locksmith
  • Pedal Cabs
Festivalgoers at Stagecoach
  • General Store - Stocking camping supplies, medicines, foods and sundries, pulse microwaves & toaster ovens available for use.
  • Roaming Potable Water Trucks & Pumping Trucks - Additional charges apply & subject to change. Flag em down!
  • Supermarket Shuttles - Free rides to the local grocery store to restock your needs. Running Thu afternoon and Fri-Sun mornings.